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What is the difference between Lead Buyers and Contractors in Lead Simplify?

It is important to know that a Contractor and a Lead Buyer are two separate entities, who become involved in the job in different ways.

More specifically, differences include:


These people buy leads directly from you. For example, when a lead comes in, if it matches a Lead Buyers’ service area and niche, all matching Lead Buyers are notified by text as well as via email. They can then login to check the lead – if they decide they want it, they can purchase it right then and there. If it is simply a phone call, for example, then all the matching Lead Buyers’ phones will ring at the same time. Whichever Lead Buyer answers the ring first gets the job, effectively.

Conversely, working with a contractor is as follows:


This is someone you can choose to either work with, or employ. Contractors are not people who buy the leads; instead, you take part payment for the job, and then pass it over to the Contractor to do the work. The Contractor then receives the remaining balance of the payment. Contractors are assigned their jobs by you – you have control of the jobs, and which to hand over to them or not.

To recapitulate, Contractors do not buy the leads, whereas Lead Buyers purchase them directly.

Mike Martin
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