Field Staff System


Field Staff Management System​

Your contractor and field staff job management system has been designed to help any company with an outside workforce or who uses large numbers of contractors over large areas to automate the running of their business.

This system enables anyone with little to no experience to answer your telephone calls and ask all the right questions every single time.

It also enables that person to then pass the job to the right member of your team be it an employee or contractor instantly.

All contractors or staff members are listed underneath the job inside the system based on how far from the job they are located. This means the jobs are always offered to the closest person first without the need for the phone operator to check or do anything.

Key Features

Send jobs to the right Contractor in the right location and right industry
See a list of qualifying contractors underneath every single job, ordered by nearest contractor to the job first
Drag and drop form builder
Reports to keep track of income and turnover
Predicted turnover feature

Contractors Can Login to The System

If you run a Contractor business be they employed or sub contracted, then you really know how complicated this type of company can be to run.

With your new system your Contractors can login to their own control panel and:

Update their jobs
Take payments
Do all of the back end admin
This means you don’t need to touch the job again after it has been assigned to the correct contractor

Automation is Power

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