Prepay Credit System


Pay As You Go – With Our Unique Lead Buyer Prepay Credit System​

Your prepay top up system is unique to the Lead Generation industry and can be described like a pay as you go mobile phone.

Your lead or call buyer top’s up their system credit and this entitles them to purchase leads inside your system.

Once their credit runs out they must then purchase more lead credits so that they can continue to get leads from you.

We have created this method so that your leads don’t need to be a set price. For example you may sell 1 credit for $1 but you may sell 1200 credits for $1000 meaning your big spenders get a better deal and those who only want a few leads pay more for their leads.

Using this method you can also do Black Friday special offers on your credits and get a huge cash injection for your business by doing for example a half price credit deal on Black Friday or 2 for 1 offer only available for today. These credits may take months to be used, but your company gets paid for them today.

This also means you are always in credit with your lead buyers and that way you never need to chase for another invoice or get payed after the leads have already been provided.

If you have a lead buyer who pays you a set monthly fee, then you can set them with unlimited system credits and that way they don’t need to keep topping up.

This system has been designed to give you the maximum amount of flexibility to fit around you and your specific business needs.

Key Features

System credits
Pay as you go top up system
Ability to do special offers
Always get paid in advance for leads

Automation is Power

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