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Lead Simplify Vs a CRM System

Many people ask us which is better Lead Simplify or CRM Systems (Client Relationship Management Systems). However, it is not a case of which is better as they are completely different types of software. Lead Simplify, collects the leads and new clients whereas a CRM manages all of these new clients and remains in contact with them once they are established. Below I will explain how these two software’s complement each other.

First, what is a CRM System? CRM System is used to manage a company’s relations and interactions with all new, and existing clients. With one simple goal to improve business relationships. A CRM System tool lets you store customer and prospect contact information, identify sales opportunities, record service issues, and manage marketing campaigns, all in one central location and make information about every customer interaction available to anyone at your company who might need it.

Whereas Lead Simplify is designed to collect, distribute and sell all your phone and webform leads on autopilot. Lead simplify, helps to manage and develop complex leads.
Lead Simplify is highly versatile, the all-in-one platform, that spreads across many different forms of business. Offering an automated lead sales system, giving you the ability to capture leads from multiple sources and pass these on.

Knowing how and why lead sales and collection software differs from traditional CRM software is essential to understanding its importance. An easy way to do this is to picture a cup of tea. Without the teabag, you just have a mug of boiling water, but once you add the teabag you have a cup of tea. The boiling water is CRM systems and Lead generation is the tea bag! On their own, both are perfectly fine, but together they make a winning combination.

Lead sales and collection software is available as a standalone system. You can use it to turn prospects into customers, but its capabilities end there. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a CRM solution without lead sales features since lead sales and collection is a central component of CRM.

So, how do these two software’s work together to make business life a breeze?

In lead sales and collection, leads are captured and retained until they become customers by making a purchase, subscribing, or interacting with the product. Software for lead sales and collection brings in leads and guides them through the qualification and nurturing process. Afterwards, your sales reps turn leads into paying customers.
Here’s where your CRM comes into play. CRM systems help you capture leads and guide them through your conversion funnel. As soon as they become customers, continue to maintain a good relationship with them.
Despite tackling different areas, they work seamlessly together. CRMs cannot maintain relationships with customers without lead management. As with building a house, it’s crucial to lay the foundation first.
Overall despite both being true advocates for improving business for all alone, together they make a truly winning combination and can improve anyone’s business.

Mike Martin
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