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How to Avoid the 3 Biggest Mistakes You’re Making Right Now That Kill 99% of all New Lead Generation Companies Within the First 12 Months Have you ever wondered why most lead generation companies fail and only a small few make success in this industry look easy?

1000s of companies set up in lead generation every single year and within 12 months they are nearly all out of business Let me explain the 3 main mistakes these companies make when entering our industry:

Mistake Number 1 The companies set up with a lack of clear segmentation

OK this sounds obvious, you segment your leads for the right industry OK?

Well this is partly right, in fact there are dozens, sometimes hundreds of segments inside each industry.

What you need to do is drill down into the niche and segment every single lead so that it only ever goes to the lead buyers who want that exact lead.

Some people may think OK i’ll send plumber leads to plumbers, but this doesn’t quite cover it.

There are gas plumbers, there are water plumbers, there are emergency plumbers in both gas and water, there are even plumbers who only specialise in installing boilers, or inspecting them.

This all sounds very complicated and almost impossible to do, but I assure you it’s really very simple and I can help you completely automate the whole process so its 100% hands off.

Mistake Number 2 The company set up is to sales focused

OK most peoples mouths will have just dropped open in complete shock.

If you're thinking this guy is nuts, then you are not alone, many companies set up and they focus on and only target sales, but they are making a huge Rookie Mistake.

Lead generation is not like selling a product and one size really doesn’t fit all. If you concentrate on lead quality and proper segmentation, then your leads will sell themselves.

This works amazingly in the Lead Generation industry because there are so many companies out there selling overpriced crappy leads.

If one plumber buys your leads and they are good quality and accurately segmented for his desires, then he will tell his friends, and before you know it people are queuing up to purchase your leads.

Concentrating on quality and good segmentation whilst everyone else is concentrating on sales, will take away your need to sell and have people chasing you.

Is this making sense to you now? It should be.

Mistake Number 3 They have a poor sales process

Now this is actually the most common reason for the failure of a new lead generation company.

Because it's the hardest part to achieve, but once you get clear segmentation of good quality leads and a hands off sales process you really will be unstoppable in this industry.

Let me explain Usually in a new company a lead comes in, then goes onto a spreadsheet, then has to be checked and cross referenced, then many calls have to be made to see who wants the lead. All the time spent on the lead costs your company money and if you don’t find a buyer you are then in the RED.

Once this process in completed then there is the process of finding a person to purchase the lead from your company. Then you need to take payment off them or trust them to pay you later.

Receiving payments later is one of the most costly parts of running a Lead Generation company because no one wants to take your call, and you need to either keep chasing the money which stops you generating leads.

This can take 1 hour, 2 hours, half a day or even longer every single week. All this should be spent generating new leads and creating more money for your company.

An instant clear sales process is essential to your success and growth in the lead generation industry.

The lead should come in automatically, be segregated automatically, be sent to the right lead buyers automatically and be able to be purchased automatically all without you ever seeing or touching the lead.

Here is the link to a Video which shows exactly how this can be achieved easily in your Lead Generation business:

Mike Martin
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