System Features

Call Tracking

Track calls as they come in and see exactly who gets them


Call Recording

Record all calls and give lead buyers access in their system

Pay Per Call Sales

Sell all calls instantly as they come into your business 


Pay Per Form

Sell all form completions instantly as they come in


Unlimited Forms

Get an unlimited number of form submissions every month

Unlimited Calls

Receive unlimited incoming calls every single month


Prepay Topup System

Allow lead buyers to topup their system with as much credit as they need


Number Allocation

Send numbers to one or more number instantly on autopilot 

Lead Buyer Allocation

Send calls to one or multiple lead buyers automatically

Dynamic Lead Allocation

Send leads to lead buyers based on their criteria as it changes

Dynamic Forms

One form that knows where the lead buyer is so you don’t need to ask for an address


Sell to One

Sell to one lead buyer so leads are exclusive and can be sold more expensive

Sell to Many

Sell to multiple lead buyers so all your eggs are not in one basket

Fastest Finger First

Ring all lead buyers simultaneously enabling the first to answer to buy

Call Scheduler

Schedule calls to only go to lead buyers on the dates and times they want


Drag & Drop Form Builder

Drag and Drop dynamic form builder to cover all your form needs on any site anywhere

Mobile Optimized

You can run your business from your phone.


SMS Marketing

Market to anyone that ever comes into contact with you


Multi-Step Forms

Increase conversions with multi-step forms

Income Tracker

Track and manage your income inside your system


Location Forms

Tie forms to locations so they distribute leads dynamically

Call System

Receive, track, record and sell all calls instantly


Form System

Receive, track, record and sell all form leads instantly

Email Marketing

Market to anyone that ever comes into contact with you

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