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Best Practices for dealing with the occasional lead – whilst your site is Ranking

You want to develop a smooth strategy for dealing with those few leads you are getting through – and this will all depend on the source of the lead itself. Some lead sources create ready-to-buy prospective customers, whereas others could just be coming to you to find out more, and therefore not yet be ready to commit to anything just yet.

Changing the Lead Scoring Model

A system or tool that allows you to attribute point values to prospective buyers – they need to accumulate over a certain limit of points in order to become ‘Qualified Leads’, so that it matches the same type of leads you receive. It makes good sense to rank leads based on how quickly they convert, if you receive a lot from the same source – this helps separate the ones worth your time from leads which are a waste of your resources.

Negative Lead Scoring Method

Implementing this can help weed out weaker leads, so your sales representatives can zoom in on stronger ones instead. You want to exclude any leads which are non-prospective to your sales. Start by deciding which Actions can be removed from the score, such as: 1. A lead unsubscribing to your newsletter, or 2. A lead hasn’t viewed your website in a while. Also, 3. If a lead hasn’t engaged at all with your brand for a while, you should lower their score.

Keep track of your leads

It is important for you to understand which leads are useful to you and which are not – especially if you’re a B2B company. You can start by reviewing the corporate information of the leads you receive, as the more information you have on your leads, the easier it will be for you to assess their Buying Cycle. The content you deliver needs to be tailored to your customer, to arrive at the right person, at the right time to maximise its potential of conversion. Study past behaviours to better target opportunities for leads when they arise.

Marketing & Sales Teams

While creating a Lead Scoring Model, ensure your Marketing team and your Sales team are working together. Their central focus should be to establish thresholds for your leads, in order to guarantee success. They will need to develop a specific criteria to determine what that threshold is; this should be based on data and information from customer interaction history, as well as previous campaigns.
After determining this threshold for your leads, you can then set up a target for the amount of points your lead will need in order to be categorised as a ‘Marketing Qualified’ Lead. Without this threshold, you could be spending precious time on leads which are not likely to develop into anything.

Lead Sales & Lead Automation With Lead Simplify

If you are looking to sell leads, you can turn to to deal with these leads for you, so you can keep your business going whilst practically on autopilot.
Lead Simplify acts as a Lead Broker (think how a Real Estate Broker connects the customer to the business, taking a commission in the middle – but for leads), automating Lead Sales for you.
Lead Simplify allows you to set up as the broker – if you want to automate lead collection, distribution, and sale, then you need this service.

Booking Fee Model

If you’re just starting out, trying to get leads – the Booking Fee Model is our favourite and most effective model for getting people started. When a lead comes in, we answer the call and take a booking fee from the customer, before getting on to the contractors to take the job. The booking fee is where you make the money – allowing the contractor to then take the job for free, which builds your contacts and your business at the same time. This is all about enabling the customer to connect to the business efficiently, and making you more money – automatically.

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