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How to Automate Your Lead Selling Business

Mike was a hard-working locksmith living in Manchester, UK, until one day, his Gout got so bad that he was no longer able to work on the road. 

He needed a way to make money to support his family, or he would lose everything. 

He decided to try selling his leads direct to other local locksmiths and it started to work. 

Mike was chair bound for quite some time, but still able to make money through: 

  • Answering the calls 
  • Writing down all the information 
  • Finding businesses that would pay him for the leads
  • Collecting the money 
  • Then sending the contact information to the business

This method worked well, with the average lead taking about 30 minutes from call to completion. 

Working 15 hours a day, 7 days a week, Mike was able to make an OK living financially but unfortunately had to give up almost all of his spare time to do so.  

Every day Mike would wake up early, and answer all his calls and the ones who were interested, he would take their information, find a company willing to pay for the lead then get paid. 

Simple enough but time-consuming. 

Then one day he met Martyn an automation specialist who looks at already running businesses and figures out how to automate the processes so the business can be streamlined to run more efficiently. 

Mike and Martyn devised a plan to automate his business using a system that would answer the calls, distribute the calls and take the payments on complete autopilot without him needing to do any of the work. 

Because of this Mike was able to focus on generating more leads for his company which resulted in increased turnover and more profit for the company.

Because of this, he went from 30 leads a day and working 15 hours a day to over 100 leads a day and hardly having to work at all. 

Lead simplify is designed from the ground up to automate and scale lead selling businesses, so you don’t have to invest heavily into offices or staff. 

Mike grew his company using Lead Simplify and could completely stop working once the system processes and automations were implemented into his company.

If you’re growing a lead sales business and want to automate and scale, then there is no more cost-effective way of doing so than using Lead Simplify 

Mike Martin
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